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A dance from Buckden in Upper Wharfedale, North Yorkshire

Each dance movement or 'figure' is danced to its own part of the tune.

This video clip shows two couples only so that you can see the figures clearly.

A description of each figure is shown on the music notation below to help you to see how the figures fit with each part of the tune.

Dancers use any step which fits the rhythm of the tune, commonly stepping '1 2 3 hop' or '1 2 3 lift'.

The traditional tune is from the playing of the Beresford family.

First learn the figures for the 'A music' the first half of the tune, played twice:A1 & A2

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These video clips show how the right hand star is danced

The figures for the 'B music' (the second half of the tune, played twice: B1 & B2)
Caller's Notes
to print a summary of the dance notation
This last video clip shows Butter'd Peas danced by six couples.
Each couple faces another couple around the outside of the room.
This formation is known as a Sicilian Circle
Notice that after one turn through the dance each couple moves on (or 'progresses') one place, to then dance with another couple.
The direction of the progression is shown on the Sicilian Circle diagram.
Couples always move on in the same direction throughout the dance, some moving clockwise around the room, others (facing them) progressing anticlockwise.

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