The Common Figures, danced to the 'A' music.

Figures 5 & 6


Partners join right hands (having put their sticks in their left hands) and dance round clockwise starting with 2 double steps which take them into their partner's place. Then put sticks into right hand to finish with feet together jump and clash sticks once with partner.

Dancers then dance left hands around.

Performed to the 'A music' (8 bars).


Each line of 3 dancers weaves in a figure of eight pattern on their own side of the set. It is danced in double step with the usual finish: two single steps, feet together jump and clash sticks once with partner.

The hey is started by the top dancers (1s and 2s) facing down, whilst the other dancers face up. The hey begins with the tops (1s and 2s) and the middles (3s and 4s) dancing past each other passing right shoulders. Each of the three dancers on each side dances a figure eight dancing in between the other two as they cross in the middle of the figure eight. They complete dancing a figure eight until they are back in their own places.

Performed to the 'A music" (8 bars)

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