The Whole Dance

The order of the figures

Walk on & walk round with singing
then six Common figures + Sticking.

1 Foot Up + Sticking
2 Back To Back + Sticking
3 Processional Down (Tops Down) + Sticking
4 Processional Up (Bottoms Up) + Sticking
5 Hands Around + Sticking
6 Adderbury Hey + Sticking To Finish

Listen for the 'call' (from dancer number one) announcing the next 'common figure' at the end of every sticking figure.

Notice how the dance finishes.
At the end of the dance, at the call "All up", the dancers face up and then walk round in a circle.
They place their horizontal sticks in number 2s outstretched arms,
then all walk off.

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FIGURES 1 & 2 Foot up & Back to back
FIGURES 3 & 4 Processional Down & Up
FIGURES 5 & 6 Hands around & Adderbury Hey
Dance Notation summary for the whole dance (for printing)

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