Yorkshire Dales Workshops : The Miller's Jig

dance tunes, songs & airs from the 1798 manuscript of Joshua Jackson North Yorkshire cornmiller & musician.

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This CD presents country dance tunes, minuets, songs and local variants of English & Scottish jigs, reels, hornpipes and instrumental airs selected from Joshua Jackson's remarkable book of over 500 handwritten tunes. The book gives a fascinating insight into the repertoire of a North Yorkshire musician who played a wide variety of music for many different social occasions. The CD reflects that variety and includes many rarely heard tunes.

All the material on the CD is included in the publication Tunes, songs and dances from the 1798 manuscript of Joshua Jackson.

Magnetic North are:
Geoff Bowen - fiddle;
Robin Shepherd - fiddle, melodeon;
Gordon Tyrrall - flute, piccolo, guitar, whistles, vocals.

Magnetic North are grateful to Gordon Jackson, for allowing them to borrow the manuscript for the purpose of selecting material for publication and public performance, thereby making it available for us to enjoy Joshua's music.

CD Track listing

Tune titles as written in the manuscript
1. Wednesday Night, Harlequin in the woods
2. Untitled 9/8 (Sir Philip McHugh), A peep behind the Curtain, Untitled 6/8 (The Millers Rant)
3. Portobellos rant
4. A Highland pibrough, Kiß me fast my mammy is coming
5. When wars alarms (song)
6. A Minuet, A French Minuet
7. Whip her and gird her, Jack Lattin
8. Fye gae rub her oer we strae, Highland lad ty kist his mammy
9. Feltons gavot with variations
10. Untitled (Morpeth Rant), Untitled (Butchers Hornpipe)
11. The Itallion Dance
12. Lovely nancy, So merryly danced the quaker
13. Cupids recruiting serjant, Brest Knot
14. Guardian angels
15. Rock abbey
16. Tom Tollys Hornpipe
17. The Musical Lovers (song)
18. Love & Opportunity, A Trip to the Oatelands
19. The.... , Bonny Lad, The tit bitt
20. Flowers of Edinbrough, Highland Laddie
21. Justice ballance, The Morning Starr
22. Air 9/8, Jacksons morning brush, Turk & no turk

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What the Reviews say...

"It's great to see the continuing rediscovery of this country's variegated music, the more so when it's so much fun to listen to."
Nick Beale in FolkRoots

"As one would expect from such a splendid source, here be tunes of every shape, size and colour..." "...as well as a formidable array of solo talents, "The Miller's Jig" contains ensemble playing that it's a joy to experience."
Alan Rose in Living Tradition

"These 22 tracks...are played and sung by Magnetic North with great brilliance and bravura, which prevents them from being mere museum pieces, but a living part of our Dales heritage."
Colin Speakman in Yorkshire Dales Review

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The original pressing is no longer available but you can purchase a copy burnt onto a CDR for £7 + P&P



For other payment methods enquire by e-mail to fiddle@ydw.org.uk

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